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Talent Enablement and the Candidate Journey: How Mobile Apps Deliver ROI by Empowering Candidates and Recruiters Alike

The critical need to attract talent and keep candidates more engaged throughout recruiting has made the candidate journey an industry-wide focus.

Give Candidates What They Want

A successful candidate journey starts with a job search and progresses through researching companies, applying, screening, interviewing, receiving an offer, and getting hired. And it continues with new opportunities and redeployment. Every stage is a point of possible frustration and disengagement for candidates.

  • 58% don’t receive a response after applying.
  • 75% are unsatisfied with the interview process.
  • 78% don’t receive status updates at all.
  • 50% say the reason they withdrew from the recruiting process was because their time was disrespected.

Traditionally every stage of the journey has involved recruiter interaction. But the modern candidate doesn’t think of engagement that way anymore. They want to do all these things themselves and in one place. They are used to tasks in their lives being consumerized through mobile apps and now expect it. There’s plenty of motivation to give it to them.

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