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Being a member of The Affiliated Staffing Group (ASGroup) announces to your business associates that you are aware of current industry trends, you are informed about upcoming legislation that could affect them, and you are equipped with the knowledge of how to use that information for their benefit. Make a statement about your company’s ethics and business practices through membership in a larger alliance within your industry known as ASGroup.

ASGroup member companies range in size from $5 million in annual revenue to over $100 million. The ideal member should be growth-oriented and have a minimum of 10 years in the staffing business.

ASGroup membership is an asset for you:

  • If you are looking for an era of change from the traditional approach of temporary staffing.

  • If you consider your company to be proactive and motivated by change.

  • If you are looking for ways to expand or grow your business.

  • If you could benefit from discussing your business challenges with owners of non-competitive personnel staffing companies.

  • If you could benefit from industry-specific training programs in sales, recruitment, leadership, operations and marketing.

Interested potential member companies are required to attend one of our meetings (held in February, May or November) to determine if there is value for them and for existing ASGroup member companies. Prior to attendance of any ASGroup meeting, guest companies need to complete the ASGroup Membership Application & Profile. This form will then be forwarded to current members to enable them to assess potential market conflicts, prior to attendance by the prospective member. Every attempt will be made to reasonably ensure no present or future conflicts arise.

Our Code of Ethics:

Recruitment of any member company employee is prohibited without the permission of owner/equity partner. Should an employee be relocating to an area in which another member company has a presence, the existing employee’s company may notify the member company in that area. It is not permitted for an employee to approach a member company or for a member of the company in the relocation city, to approach a potential employee transferee without first obtaining the permission of the equity partner of the employee’s current company. If this should occur, the recruiting company shall be required to resign from ASGroup.

Prior to applying for membership, a prospective member company should read through our Standards & Expectations document. Please click on the link below to read the document.

Non-Compete Agreement:

In general, members do not compete in their respective markets, however there may be exceptions based on product lines.

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