Affiliated Staffing Group Events

ASGroup meetings and events comprise a large portion of this organization. We meet three times per year to network, problem solve, and share best practices and resources with owners and key managers.

Membership requires your attendance at a meeting, where members look to others to give value as well as take value from involvement in ASGroup. Meetings are held in February, May, and November of each year. The February meeting is an owners-only meeting. Our May meetings are our Member Host meetings, where we hold the meeting in the city of one of our member companies so they can show us around their home city and take part in planning some of the social outings for that meeting.

Association meetings and events foster open communication between members to facilitate the sharing of programs and ideas and to promote collective problem solving. The mission of ASGroup is that members will always receive take-home value from meetings and any of our sponsored events.

Please refer to the events calendar below to view details of the upcoming meetings, so that you can see first-hand the educational value we strive to give to our member companies.

Our Member Companies