2022 Mastermind Meetings

Share best practices with your peers throughout the ASGroup membership.

Meeting dates and information are listed on the Events page of this website. You can register, add to your calendar, and set reminders by clicking on the calendar events you are interested in learning more about.

For confidentiality purposes, the meeting notes for all of the MasterMind sessions are for members only and can only be accessed via the Google Drive Folder set up for each of these MasterMind groups.  Should any member need the link to the google drive folder, please email csands@asgroup.com.

Quarter 2 Topics

MasterMind Leaders: Leisa Stallard, TRN and Jeff O’Brien, WSI
Next Meeting: TBD

CFO Roundtable
Topic: TBD
Mastermind Leader: TBD
Next Meeting: TBD

Owners & Executives “Challenges & Resolutions Discussion”
Opening Remarks by Roy


  • December 9th Avionte Meeting Accomplishments
  • 2022 ASGroup Meetings

Please be prepared to report on the following:

  • 2021 Financial Overview – % Revenue Growth vs. 2020/%GM growth or decline
  • Top 2021 Accomplishments
  • Top 2021 Consultant Used
  • How to handle any COVID-19 Mandates for 2022 (Overall or client by client)

Next Meeting:  December 14, 2021

Topic: TBD
MasterMind Leader: Jill Dohnal, The QTI Group
Next Meeting:  TBD

Topic:  The Importance of A Mentorship Program
MasterMind Leader: Debra Lightfritz, TRN

Featured Speaker: Marilyn Szendrey, TRN Branch Manager
Next Meeting: April 28, 2022 @ 3:00pm

Topic TBD
MasterMind Leader: TBD
Next Meeting: TBD

NEW! Technology
Topic: TBD
MasterMind Leader: TBD
Next Meeting: TBD

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