Benefits of Affiliated Staffing Group Membership

Join the Affiliated Staffing Group (ASGroup), a powerful business partner for your company’s growth and success.  Make a business investment that will increase your bottom line.  By joining ASGroup, you gain a competitive edge over non-member companies by:

  • Learning how to lower the costs of doing business.

  • Helping your company realign its corporate strategy in a constantly shifting staffing environment and job market.
  • Joining an organization that can enhance your firm’s reputation.
Benefits Include:

Exceptional Networking Opportunities
Association meetings foster open communication between owner and key manager members to facilitate the sharing of programs and ideas and to promote collective and confidential problem solving. Members also visit other member offices outside our meetings to learn the best staffing processes and systems.

Sharing Best Practices – Training
At its meetings, ASGroup provides “Best in Class” executive, sales and management training. Our training resources are obtained from outside consultants and member delivered workshops. The ASGroup mission is to always provide “take home value” from member or consultant delivered workshops.

Executive Problem Solving
ASGroup “Executive Roundtable Sessions” feature your company issues and opportunities. Members actively work to offer confidential solutions/actions for other members to utilize.

National Contracts
ASGroup initiatives (developed by members) include multiple members negotiating national contracts using the ASGroup name and sharing customers with multiple locations in other ASGroup member markets.

Non-Competing National Membership Base
Members are located throughout the United States and Canada, one member per market to promote a non-competitive environment. Contact us to see if your market is available.

Special Offers from Industry Partners
ASGroup has formed relationships with trusted partners that provide services to the staffing industry. Members can tap into the collective buying power of our staffing industry association with exclusive discounts that can save our members money on common products and service. Included are job board postings, website design, SEO, insurance, financial, office supplies, forms, promo items, logo clothing, background screenings, continuing education programs and more.

Take-Home Value
At the heart of everything we do, the purpose of ASGroup is to always provide “take-home value” from every portion of every meeting.

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